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Joining the Troop
The potential member should visit a troop meeting (preferably with a parent) when considering joining Troop 1282. The next step is a conference with the Scoutmaster. This should be scheduled by the potential member and should include his parents. The meeting should take no longer than 30 minutes and will outline goals and responsibilities.
Currently Troop meetings are held on Monday nights from 7:00-8:30 PM at Congregation Beth El. Once a month a PLC, a planning meeting consisting of boy leaders and Scoutmaster Corps, meet in lieu of a regular troop meeting. Please check monthly calendar for dates of specific Troop/PLC meetings. Also note that the Troop Committee may approve changing the meeting night as it has in the past to accommodate the church and/or Troop.

Adult Participation 

In order for Troop 1282 to offer the best program possible to the Scouts, participation is required of all parents. All parents will be expected to provide 6 (six) hours of service to the Troop every 6 (six) months. This can be coordinating activities, providing transportation, serving on the committee, etc. A complete list of needs will be provided at the Courts of Honor along with a sign -up sheet. Parent/family participation is a requirement for boy participation.


BSA requires two adults present at all Troop functions for emergency purposes. On campouts, due to transportation, more adults are generally necessary. Trained adults attending campouts will have their food costs paid for by the Troop. Other adults are always welcome to attend the monthly campouts but are asked to pay their food costs. This usually amounts to $5.00 per meal for the campout. Each adult is expected to assist with Troop activities at least twice a year, i.e. serve refreshments, clean up after a Court of Honor, street clean- up, fundraiser chairman, etc.


Dues and Fees
Troop 1282 dues are set at a fixed rate each year. The dues are payable in one lump sum by the first Troop Meeting in January. The amount for the yearly dues is determined by the Troop Committee at the September Committee Meeting. This information is then publicized in the next three newsletters so that all members are aware of the upcoming fees. The Troop dues cover many expenses. Approximately $20.00 is paid directly to Boy Scouts of America in February with our re-charter. (This covers Boy’s Life Magazine, national registration and insurance.) The remainder of the Troop dues is spent on purchasing patches earned by the Scout, one Troop t-shirt per Scout, payment for Troop events, storage rental fees, equipment and maintenance of equipment. Scouts joining the Troop after September 1st will have to pay for a Troop t-shirt as the cost of this is not included in the pro-rated dues. Checks should be made payable to “Troop 1282” and should be given to the Troop treasurer. Exceptional financial circumstances should be brought to the attention of the Troop treasurer.

New Scouts joining the Troop mid-year will have their dues pro-rated for the remaining months of the year. Dues must be paid immediately upon joining. A Scout will be registered with the Troop upon receipt of the yearly dues. Until a Scout is registered with the Troop, he may only attend Troop meetings. A Scout may not reregister in January if he has outstanding debits from the prior scouting year.

Other costs to the family include the fees for scheduled Troop events if the Scout participates. There are scheduled monthly Troop campouts. This fee is usually around $25.00 per campout. This fee covers the cost of meals prepared while at camp. Additional amounts may be charged to cover excess fees associated with camping (such as when camping at  state parks which charge additional per night or campsite charges), transportation fees if the Troop is going on an extended trip, and money to pay for dinner and/or lunch on the way to and from campouts or events. Summer Camp usually costs approximately $200.00 per Scout for the week with additional monies added to cover the costs of transportation and related Troop expenses. Some activities at Summer Camp have a separate fee (COPE, Mountain Man).

The Troop will endeavor to give the Scouts opportunities to earn money to offset the cost of these planned Troop activities. Scout summer camp scholarships might be available if the need exists. The parent of a Scout requiring assistance would need to contact the Scoutmaster or a committee member. Type and amount of scholarship would be determined upon review by the Troop Committee.

Receipts for reimbursement will first be applied to negative Scout account balances and any positive remainder will be paid to the submitter.

Scouts with negative scout account balances will not be permitted to attend a fee-based activity without his parents making written arrangements for payment. No Scout may participate in a fee-based activity while having a negative Scout account balance in excess $100.