Board of Review

Boards of Review (BOR) will be scheduled as requested by the Scouts. When a Scout has completed the requirements for rank advancement, including a Scoutmaster Conference, he should request a BOR from the Advancement Chairman. If a Scout has not progressed in rank in a reasonable amount of time (to be determined by the Scoutmaster Corps), the Scoutmaster will request a Progress Review for that Scout to be held in conjunction with BORs for Scouts that are progressing in rank.


The Advancement Chairman or his/her designee presides over the BOR. When a BOR is scheduled, this person is responsible for securing the location and adults necessary to conduct the BOR. Adults from the Troop Committee sit on the board (at least three but no more than six). No member of the Scoutmaster Corps or the Scout’s parents may be a part of the Scout’s BOR. The District Advancement Chairman should also be on an Eagle BOR.

Board of Review Training
Board of Review Training will train troop committee members/parent volunteers and others in the purposes of the board of review, offering suggestions for the types of questions that can or should be asked.
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