Two-deep adult leadership will be maintained on all campouts. Under no circumstances will an adult leader place himself in a situation where he is completely alone with an individual Scout. Additional adult participation is generally needed in providing transportation and adequate supervision. Adults are always welcome to participate.


Each Scout’s parent(s) is expected to provide transportation for a minimum of two campouts. It is the parent’s option to participate in the camping event or not. Damages incurred to private vehicles while on camping trips, while towing the Troop trailer or while transporting Troop equipment is the responsibility of the driver and claims should be made with the driver’s insurance company. If Troop equipment is damaged or lost outside the realm of normal wear and tear, the person causing such damages or loss is responsible for replacement of the article with like equipment.


When a Scout leaves a Troop function for any reason, he is responsible for taking his own personal gear with him. Should he fail to do so, the Troop will store that equipment in the Troop trailer. It is the Scout’s responsibility to contact the SM to obtain his personal gear. Unclaimed items will be discarded after a three-month period.


If parents are not available to pick up their son after a Troop function, other arrangements must be made. The Troop will not leave a Scout at his home unless he has the means to enter the house.


Emergency Contact

Unless it is necessary to pick up the Scout early form the campout, do not call him. We are not equipped to take personal phone calls on campouts. Therefore, the only time to call us at a campout is if you are planning to pick up the Scout. The Troop will only be contacting parents in the event of an emergency that requires the Scout to leave the campout. For each outing, the Scout will have at least one emergency contact (other than the parents) authorized to take possession of the child for each outing. This information will be included on the permission slip.


Permission Slips/Camping Fees

Permission slips will be available to each Scout two to three weeks prior to the Troop outing whenever possible. Information included on the permission slip will be: emergency phone contact number for the Troop (if available), name and location of the camp or event, directions to the camp or event, and the cost of the campout or event. Parents are required to provide the Troop with their contact number for the weekend, as well as at least one emergency contact number. Permission slips and fees must be returned by the Troop meeting prior to the campout or event. If the Troop has not received the permission slip and fees by the Troop meeting immediately prior to the campout or event, the Scout will not be allowed to attend. If a Scout decides not to attend a campout but fails to notify the leaders prior to the purchasing of the food for the campout, no refunds will be issues to the Scout. Any changes of planned events or locations will be relayed to the parents at the earliest possible time.



Each Scout should have a personal first aid kit. This kit should contain Tylenol (or equivalent), band aids and any personal medication required. Parents are responsible for designating on the permission slip any medications required, as well as the medication schedule. The adult leadership will keep any prescription medication in their possession if requested on the permission slip. All medications must be in its original container. If a Scout’s medical condition or history changes, a new Class 1 Health Form needs to be submitted to the Troop immediately and the SM needs to be informed of the change by the parent.


Unacceptable/Not Allowed
The following items are forbidden by BSA policy:

·         Liquid fuel, alcoholic beverages, drugs (only prescription medication allowed as listed on permission form), aerosol products or tobacco products.


Troop 1282 does not allow the following items on campouts:

·         Soft drinks, candy or electronic equipment (allowed in vehicles only on the way to and from outings).No cell phones are allowed at meetings or on any outings (except by adults in attendance). Scouts may not consume adult beverages of any kind: ie coffee, coffee drinks, monster drinks, energy drinks or highly caffeinated drinks.


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