The Troop will conduct several fundraising activities during the year.  The proceeds will be used to acquire and maintain Troop equipment, pay for program material and to help the Scouts pay their own way.  Prior to the beginning of the fundraiser, the Troop Committee will determine the percentage of profits that go to the Troop from the fundraiser.  Every Scout is strongly encouraged to participate in each fundraiser.
Scout Account 

Each Scout has an individual account within the Troop financial structure. His fundraising proceeds are placed in this account. He may use these fundraising profits to cover camp and other Troop costs. He will receive a statement of this account on a quarterly basis. Each Scout needs to be responsible for contacting the Troop Treasurer to specify use of Scout funds to pay for outings, etc.


For transfers from Troop 1282 to other troops:  The entire proceeds of the Scout account will be forwarded to the new Troop upon verification that the Scout has transferred. If any dues or fees are owed to the Troop, they will be deducted from the Scout account before the check is sent to the Scout’s new troop. If a Scout does not recharter or join any other troop, the funds in his account will be transferred to the Troop funds.

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee will plan, coordinate and evaluate established and new fundraising efforts for Troop 1282.  This will include choosing fundraisers, distributing information to scouts, advertising, organizing events, collecting money from sales, and distributing goods to participating scouts.
Desired Number of Volunteers: 3-4

Skills Required:
A gift of thinking outside the box, creatively considering ways to raise funds and keep scouting affordable for our members. The ability to make decisions, organize, and follow through with a plan. The ability to encourage scout involvement and solicit community support. A commitment to  working collaboratively with committee and troop leadership.
Why Participate
If boys take full advantage of opportunities offered by Troop 1282 the cost of participation can add up. It is important to teach Scouts the responsibility of contributing to the family to help raise funds for their activities. Even if your family does not have a financial hardship, you can help make scouting accessible and lessen the hardships of fellow Scouts who do have a financial need by participating in fundraisers.
Annual dues: $100
Monthly camping fees: $25 for food + variable activity fee (determined by gas, camping or entrance fees)
Summer Camp: estimated $350 (including gas and spending money)
Fundraising Links
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