Troop Attendance and Active Status

Attendance records are kept by the Troop Scribe and submitted to the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) at the end of each meeting. If a Scout misses three consecutive Troop meetings without sufficient reason or without notifying his Patrol Leader, SPL or Scoutmaster, he will be placed on the inactive list. His Patrol Leader will call to find out why he has been absent. This information will be passed along to the SPL and to the Scoutmaster (SM). When the Scout decides to begin attending troop functions again, he must have a Scoutmaster conference to discuss the problem and determined if it has been remedied. A course of action will be decided upon.


The above policy will now be enforced for all scouts. Please understand that Scouting is a boy run organization and the Scout, not the parent, is responsible for informing the troop of his absences. The Scout will need to call his Patrol Leader prior to the meeting and inform him of his absence. If he is unable to speak to his Patrol Leader, he needs to speak to the SPL. If he is unable to speak to the SPL, he can call or email the Scoutmaster. As this is an important issue, we do not recommend leaving a message on a recorder or with anyone but the PL or the SPL. If a Scout does not have access to email, he may leave a message on the recorder of the Scoutmaster. If the PL will be absent from the Troop meeting, he should inform the SPL and also give the SPL the names of the Scouts that have contacted him regarding absences. If he is unable to contact the SPL, he should call or email the Scoutmaster.


Scouts must attend the planning meeting for an activity in order to participate in that activity. Planning meetings for an activity are scheduled for the meeting just prior to that activity. All money for the activity and the permission slip are due at the planning meeting. If a Scout is going to miss the meeting, he needs to follow the same procedure as above except he needs to be sure to make the call to the PL or the SPL by noon on Sunday. The PL or SPL needs to notify the SM prior to 8:00PM Sunday. If the PL does not come to the planning meeting and did not call the SPL, the ASPL will call the PL during the meeting to get a report from the PL regarding absences. The PL will then need to schedule a Scoutmaster conference to discuss his duties and responsibilities as PL. Continued inability of the PL or SPL to communicate with the Scoutmaster will jeopardize that leadership term. Emergency absences will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Committee Chairman and the Scoutmaster. If a Scout is going to miss the planning meeting, a parent must come to the meeting to sign and turn in the permission slip and to pay any necessary fees. The parent will also obtain the necessary information regarding the activity. Thus procedure will be followed in all cases if a Scout will not be present at the planning meeting (a scheduled absence or emergency absence).
Dues for Inactive Scouts

An inactive Scout must pay the re-charter fees is he intends to remain registered. The entire dues must be paid by the first Troop meeting of January for the Scout to be included on the re-charter.