Troop Committee

The Troop Committee is a group of registered adults that help guide the Troop in its decision-making policies. The following positions are needed to enable the Troop to run smoothly:  Committee Chairperson, Treasurer, Advancement Chairperson, Service Chairperson, Fundraising Chairperson, Membership Chairperson, Secretary, Publicity Chairperson, Health and Safety Chairperson and Outdoor Activities Chairperson.  Troop committee meetings are held on a monthly basis.  All BSA registered parents are members of the Troop Committee. Scoutmaster/ Assistant Scoutmasters are requested to attend the Troop Committee meetings, but are not voting members. If a member of the Scoutmaster Corps holds a Committee position, he/she is allowed to vote. The SPL is requested to attend to represent the Scouts but is not a voting member. Additional help may be requested by the Committee or the Scoutmaster Corps.



Adult Training

Training is available for the adult leaders. The Fast Start training is mandatory for all Committee Members and Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmasters. Committee Challenge is mandatory for all Committee Members. Most required training is available on line.  Boy Scout Basic Training is strongly encouraged for anyone who will be working with the Scouts. It is mandatory for Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmasters. Youth Protection Training is required for all registered adults in the Troop and needs to be renewed every two (2) years. At this time, the costs associated with Basic Adult Training are the responsibility of the adult leader. Trained adults attending Troop campouts will have the cost of their meals paid for by the Troop. Leaders will be reimbursed for specialized training (canoe training, climbing training) required for special events after he/she has supervised the Troop for such an event.

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Committee Challenge
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Committee Member NameCommittee Position Year
Committee Member NameCommittee Position Year
Doug A. Chartered Organization Rep 2013 
Ruston H. Treasurer 2012-2013 
Gary V.  Fundraising - Garage Sales  2013 
Hubert T.  Fundraising - Fall Popcorn 2011-2013 
Lancer T.  Fundraising - Bass Pro Shop 2013 
Zina C.  Secretary 2013 
Dawn P.  Committee Chair 2012 
Anna V. Advancement Chair 2013 
Jamie M. Service Chair 2012-2013 
Samantha T. Membership Chair 2013 
Brian M.  Outdoor Chair 2013 
Vacant  Health & Safety Chair  
Vacant  Publicity Chair  
Showing 13 items
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