Each Scout is expected to purchase the BSA uniform. The Boy Scout Handbook is necessary and is considered a vital part of the uniform and must be brought to each meeting and campout. Scoutmaster conferences cannot be conducted without the Scout’s handbook.


Dress Uniform: Scout shirt, troop neckerchief, appropriate neckerchief slide, merit badge sash, Scout pants or shorts, Scout belt, closed-toed shoes and Scout socks. This uniform is required attire for Boards of Review, Courts of Honor and for special occasions.


Field Uniform (Formerly Class A): Scout shirt, troop neckerchief, neckerchief slide, Scout belt, Scout shorts or pants and Scout socks. Dark colored shoes (brown, black, navy or tan) hiking boots/shoes are preferred. White sneakers/tennis shoes are not considered appropriate. Opened toed shoes are not acceptable.  This is the uniform worn at Scout travel times. This uniform is the appropriate way to dress for Troop meetings. Uniform inspections are done at every meeting.


Activities Uniform (Formerly Class B): Scout related T-shirt with Scout shorts, solid colored shorts or blue jeans and Scout socks . Shorts need to have belt loops to accommodate the Scout belt.  Shorts should be an appropriate solid color (black, blue, tan or green). No athletic shorts or pants or multi colored pants or shorts should be worn. This is the uniform worn during campouts, work related service projects and anytime that the Scout shirt might become torn or stained. We try to coordinate the wearing of a specific color of Troop T-shirt when possible. Class B T-shirts will be rotated from the following colors: red, royal blue, green or gray. The color for the Scouting year will be chosen by the PLC. A scout may use money obtained from his Scout account to purchase various uniform items. A receipt for the purchased uniform article(s) should be submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement from the Scout’s account. Continued failure to wear appropriate uniform may result in a Scout’s inability to participate in that particular activity. The Troop encourages families to donate outgrown uniforms in good condition for the use of incoming Scouts.

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